Robert Raskin Student Competition 2015


1st Place:

Yongyao Jiang, Department of Geography and Geoinformatics, George Mason University, Polar CI Portal: A Cloud based Polar Resource Discovery Engine.

Call for Competition

We are pleased to announce the “Robert Raskin CyberGIS Student Competition“, which will take place during the AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL April 21-25, 2015. This CyberGIS competition is sponsored by the AAG Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group (CISG).

The competition aims to:

  1. Promote research and awareness of cyberinfrastructure-based GIS also known as CyberGIS, web-based GIS, and mobile-based GIS.
  2. Encourage spatial thinking and the development of geospatial cyberinfrastructure in colleges and universities.
  3. Inspire curiosity about geographic patterns, computational geography, and CyberGIS for students and the broader public.

We are now open to submissions and the deadline is March 20, 2015 extended to March 25!

The “First Prize in 2015 Robert Raskin CyberGIS Student Competition” will be awarded $500 and a certificate.


  • 02/01/2015: accepting entries
  • 03/20/2015: submission deadline
  • 03/30/2015: Judges select top five finalists that are invited to give a presentation at AAG
  • 04/21/2015 – 04/25/2015: Presenting and announcing winners

Submission details:

Students should submit the following materials to be considered in the Robert Raskin Student CyberGIS Competition:

  1. A URL to a live website so that judges can visit and explore each entry
  2. A short paper in the form of an extended abstract (2,500 word limit) that describes your CyberGIS entry
  3. Documentation on how to use your CyberGIS. Documentation could include text, screenshots, or a brief video demonstrating the capabilities and features of the entry.

Students should use the following web form to submit their entries:

Advertising posters for the Robert Raskin CyberGIS Student Competition 2015 are available at the following link:

Questions or submission
Please contact Qunying Huang ( or Eric Shook ( for questions or submission details.