The Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Specialty Group’s goals include:

1. To advocate the development of a sustainable cyberinfrastructure that is secure, efficient, reliable, accessible, usable, and interoperable for conducting geography research and education;

2. To assist geographers addressing the most computationally challenging geospatial issues such as simulation, visualization, distributed processing, sensor web, high-bandwidth content, and multi-dimensional analysis;

3. To encourage a broader access to state-of-the-art computing resources;

4. To promote the development and maintenance of middleware needed to address the growing gap between geography and cyberinfrastructure;

5. To advance the computational environment needs of geographers to achieve advancements made possible by advanced CI, paying particular attention to the opportunities to broaden the participation of underrepresented groups;

6. To promote state-of-the-art innovation in geospatial data management and distribution systems, including digital libraries and educational environments that are expected to contribute to breakthroughs in many geographical disciplines of the 21st century;

7. To advance the design and development of the CI needed to realize the full potential of investments in geospatial tools and large facilities, from remote or in-situ observing systems to spatial decision support systems;

8. To provide input to funding agencies on investments in the high-risk/high-gain basic research in CI that are critical to powering the future exponential growth in all aspects of geography;

9. To encourage effective participation, communication, and the free exchange of ideas among CISG members by sponsoring special conference sessions and workshops, developing proposals for funding, regularly maintaining the Specialty Group website, and networking on a regular basis;

10. To create a greater spirit of collaboration and cooperation with other specialty groups and related organizations;

11. To transmit to the AAG Executive Council carefully considered recommendations on matters relating to CI between and among geographers, and between geographers and policy makers and the public;

12. To support the AAG mission, with specific emphasis on CI, of advancing professional studies in geography and encouraging the application of geographic research in education, government, and business.

We have an active Board of Directors. For a full description see the CISG Bylaws.